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This must be put on a floor under the wooden floor

2018-11-22 10:43:07 1632

Floor must spread this thing below wooden floor, my home did not install at the outset, live in bowel regrets green

Household is decorated, wooden floor, especially real wood floor, often be the first selection of many friends, after all, wooden floor is soft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, still appear on class. But, wooden floor has a common defect, be afraid of water namely, do not prevent moisture. Accordingly, encounter damp environment, wooden floor is easy moldy, arch rises...

It is to be aimed at this kind of circumstance, live in now lay wooden floor, often can add a moistureproof film below its! Floor must spread this thing below wooden floor, my home did not install at the outset, live in bowel regrets green.


The function of moistureproof film basically is moistureproof, waterproof. In addition, moistureproof film still rises allegedly sound insulation and the action of balance -- can cushion the adipose pit of base of level wood floor, make wood floor more level off.

Thus, the quality of moisture-proof film is very important -- if the quality is not up to standard, the role of moisture-proof must be greatly reduced. At present, the moistureproof film of wooden floor basically has two kinds: mat of aluminium film ground and conventional ground. Aluminium film ground mat is to stick a layer of aluminium foil paper on plastic ground mat, accordingly, its airtight sex and moistureproof performance are better, can improve wooden floor to appear because of be affected with damp mouldy, be out of shape and the phenomenon such as arch. Of course, if the aluminum foil paper and plastic mat paste is not close enough, then, the role of aluminum film mat is greatly reduced. So we must carefully check this when we choose the aluminum film floor mat.





One is the house of ground floor, because the ground is relatively damp, do not install moistureproof film to be able to affect the life of wooden floor certainly. Generally speaking, the house of 3 above, its environment also is not very damp word, although lay wood floor, also do not want to install moistureproof film necessarily.

Two is compound floor needs to install moistureproof film. Because compound floor is installed directly in the ground, the ground can have moisture unavoidably, add use water to come mop floor, it is the inducement that makes a floor moldy. So, it is necessary to install a moistureproof film before laying compound floor. 3 it is floor of floor of real wood of low-rise house lay, had better also install moistureproof film. Below general circumstance, real wood floor does not need to install moistureproof film. Because real wood floor is to use keel to install, and eligible real wood floor, its requirement of moisture content is in 15% less than. But, if we bought unqualified product carelessly, want to assure the service life of real wood floor, so, much a safeguard still is very necessary.