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Precautions for damp proof mat laying

2018-11-22 10:41:31 1825

When laying wooden floor, can use wooden floor moistureproof mat. Use wooden floor moistureproof mat is to prevent moisture and keep warm, be in damp place especially, it is indispensable. See the laid notice of mat of wood floor moistureproof next.



Wooden floor moistureproof mat need not be too thick

When laying aggrandizement floor, what should notice is the ground mat is not jumped over thicker better, too thick ground mat gyrate leeway is big, flexibility crosses congress to make floor juncture craze, cause mortise and tenon to break even. Mat is too thin moistureproof and buffering effect is relatively weak, poor elasticity, can not play the role of due leveling, foot feeling is not good.

Floor moistureproof mat should reserve stretch seam

In order to avoid the moisture on the wall to the wood floor, in laying moistureproof mat, not only to cover the entire wooden keel, but also pay attention to the moistureproof mat along the corner of the wall to leave about 10CM upward. At the same time, the floor and wall should also leave 8-12cm between the expansion joints, if posted too close, the floor is easy to arch after expansion.

Above is the laid notice item of wooden floor moistureproof mat, want to notice wooden floor moistureproof mat to do not want too thick and wooden floor moistureproof mat should reserve telescopic seam. Before laying wooden floor, must notice to spread on moistureproof mat.